1HE RUSKIN ART CLUB, founded by Mary Boyce in 1888, is among the oldest and most influential of cultural and art associations in the Southland. As the first women�s cultural organization in Los Angeles, the club also played a major role in advancing the cause of women in the early decades of the new century. Membership in the Ruskin Art Club is now open to men.Today, the RAC continues its historic legacy of public service by providing scholarships and prizes to local artist, writers and musicians, and, through its yearly schedule of programs, a platform for both established and emerging talents, and a forum for public discussion of a wide range of cultural issues.

Our Mission:
Believing in the transformative power of art, our historic organization seeks to foster creativity and the work of artists, musicians, crafts persons, writers, actors and film-makers throughout the southern California area. casinodunder.de

Drawing our inspiration from the Ruskin Art Club�s long record of support for pioneering arts initiatives, for arts education, and for arts as a catalyst for social change, we seek to celebrate this legacy in a new century with new generations of southland intellectuals.